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Accessibility. Accountability. Action.

As a Former District Court Judge I understand that justice must be accessible to everyone regardless of their station in life. I teach my children that for every decision you make there is a natural and unnatural consequence. In court, clients must be accountable but likewise the judiciary has a responsibility to meet out that consequence with fairness. The action to follow must be thoughtful and measured and cannot be an exercise in flexing strength at the point of someone's weakness. Understanding as judges we do more than "punish" we reunite families in family court. We treat children and adults in active addiction in treatment court. We keep our children in school in truancy court. We pull our children out of the cracks in juvenile court. We heal communities and families in private warrant court thru mediation. Being a judge is so much more than "being tough on crime." In the courthouse, we see good people at their worst and we have a duty to administer justice.

Meet Former District Court Judge Alicia D. Brooks

Being elected as a district court judge in 2014 was a culmination of my legal career which has spanned over 26 years. As a proud resident of Matthews, I have had the privilege to serve the citizens of Mecklenburg County in virtually all of the district court rooms with the exception of juvenile court.